Contractual Help for Sub-contractors: BCSA’s Construction Contractual Handbook updated

Main contractors often push the limits when drafting construction contracts for sub contract work., even though perfectly good standard form contracts in the form of NEC and JCT are available.

This means, for some sub-contractors, navigating the contractual landscape can be time consuming and difficult. Essential information to help sub-contractors regarding this issue can be found in any number of places including the British Constructional Steelwork Association’s (BCSA’s) recently updated Construction Contractual Handbook.

‘As a specialist sub-contractor, Caunton Engineering Ltd needs to be aware of unilateral and difficult to spot changes to contracts, and make sure that we remain vigilant throughout the duration of the contract.  The Construction Contractual Handbook will be an extremely useful tool for our commercial team’, said Simon Bingham, Chairman of Caunton Engineering Ltd and chairman of BCSA’s Commercial and Contracts Committee.

The Construction Contractual Handbook is an essential tool which sets out the law and contracts for specialist contractors in a compact and accessible way.

The Handbook:

  • Includes a reminder about the formation of a contract.
  • Contains a chapter explaining some of the most common onerous clauses or changes that sub-contractors might come across.
  • Addresses the need to maintain vigilance throughout the duration of the contract, ensuring certificates are issued at the right time, variations and any disputes are properly managed and claims procedures are followed.
  • Includes chapters on Scottish and Irish law.
  • Contains useful checklists as a reminder.

While it was originally written for steelwork contractors, the Construction Contractual Handbook is equally applicable to other specialist contractors and main contractors.

For further information contact Sarah Kenny  or telephone 0870 078 4400

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