Updated scaffolding contract launched for 2018

The CIP Scaffolding Contract is updated for reissue by Construction Industry Publications (CIP) in June 2018.

The document was originally developed by the NASC (National Access & Scaffolding Confederation) in conjunction with the CLG (Contractors Legal Group), an umbrella group for main contractors, and was first published by CIP in 2014.

This is a form of contract for the erection, hire and dismantling of scaffolding and is suitable for use by CLG members, members of the National Federation of Builders and the Scottish Building Federation.

The 2018 version includes amended Schedules of Rates tables, taken from the NASC’s updated guidance note CG11:17 Preparation of Schedules of Rates. We have also taken the opportunity to update references to TG20 Good Practice Guidance for Tube and Fitting Scaffolding.

The contract is recognised as the default document when agreeing scaffolding terms and conditions.

David Brown, NASC Contracts Committee Chair and Commercial Director of IBN Scaffold Access Ltd, said:

“The Scaffolding Contract allows both parties to manage the Scaffolding Works in a proactive and collaborative manner. The Contract ensures clarity for all on what is and what is not included. We believe the Scaffolding Contract represents both parties fairly and can be easily adopted within the construction industry.”

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, added:

“It’s pleasing to note that the work of the NASC Contracts Committee is finding its way into standard forms of contract. This small but dedicated group of member representatives bring considerable expertise to contractual guidance. Nothing stands still in construction, scaffolding contractors need to remain alert to changes in contractual matters to remain competitive.”

To purchase a copy of the contract click here. Copies cost £30.00 + vat + p&p.