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Work Right – health and safety help for small businesses and workers

Great Britain’s health and safety record is the envy of much of the world. Key to this success has been the approach to managing workplace risk.

After all, protecting and safeguarding a business’s most important asset – its workers – is vital.

When people are ill or injured because of the work they do it has a big impact on the person affected, their family, and their colleagues.

Plus, it can lead to disruption and damage the reputation of their organisation. It also impacts the whole economy by adding costs, making industries, companies, and ultimately Britain, less competitive.

About Work Right

Work Right is a campaign by the Health & Safety Executive aimed at helping smaller businesses and workers.

Visit the website for information about all their current campaigns including Asbestos and You and Dust Kills.

What is Working Well Together?

Also aimed at smaller businesses and workers is the Working Well Together Initiative (WWT).

WWT is an industry-led intervention programme strongly supported by HSE.

In fact, it has been running successfully for over twenty years.

WWT is an important initiative for delivering key health and safety advice to SMEs, the self-employed and micro-businesses in the construction industry.

This segment is known to be a hard–to–reach audience. It currently operates through a network of regional groups.

What does WWT do?

The specific aims and objectives of WWT – as set out in the WWT constitution, are summarised below:

  • Improving the level of health and safety knowledge, particularly within construction sector SMEs and micro-businesses.
  • Encouraging co-operation in sharing knowledge of health and safety matters.
  • Promoting training and learning in health and safety.
  • Providing free or low-cost information and advice.
  • Running health and safety events – check out the website for details of your nearest FREE event.