fire prevention

Updated Version 10.1 Firecode following further amendments

A new version of the Fire Prevention on Construction Sites code is now available.

It follows on from the launch of the 10th Edition of the Fire Prevention on Construction Sites in 2022.

The updated version incorporates Amendment 1.

As well as the main amendments, the Working Party has also taken the opportunity to incorporate a number of minor textual changes throughout the document.

fire prevention

The objective of the code is the prevention of fires on construction sites.

The majority of fires can be prevented by:

  • Designing out risks
  • Taking simple precautions
  • Adopting safe working practices.

The code applies to all activities carried out prior to and during the procurement, construction and design process – not the complete structure.

The recommendation is to read the code in conjunction with all current legislation and the HSE publication HSG168: Fire safety in construction.

Printed copies of the new Fire Prevention on Construction Sites code are available for £30 + postage here.

A free download of the new version of the code is available via CIP’s website.