timber in construction

Timber in Construction Roadmap Published

Defra published its Timber in Construction roadmap in December 2023.

The roadmap outlines the opportunities and barriers to its use on English construction sites, centred around seven priority themes:

  1. Improving data on timber and whole life carbon
  2. Promoting the safe, sustainable use of timber as a construction material
  3. Increasing skills, capacity, and competency across the supply chain
  4. Increasing the sustainable supply of timber
  5. Addressing fire safety and durability concerns to safely expand the use of engineered mass timber
  6. Increasing collaboration with insurers, lenders, and warranty providers
  7. Promoting innovation and high performing systems

Each priority has identified actions for government and industry.

The Timber in Construction Working Group, made up of 29 organisations including the British Woodworking Federation, Construction Leadership Council, and HSE, are working with Defra to advise and input on the roadmap.

Defra will be developing a framework to monitor and evaluate progress on the roadmap’s objectives, including its alignment to wider net zero and resource efficiency monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

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