New TWf guidance on the effective management of scaffolding

The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) has published guidance on the “Effective management of scaffolding to BS 5975: 2019”. Document: TWf2020: 01, September 2020 offers advice on temporary works management procedures. Additionally, it highlights the need for all of those involved to understand the roles, responsibilities and procedures in the effective management of scaffolding. In fact, it […]

Revised guidance on hoardings from the TWf

Revised guidance on hoardings is now available via The Temporary Works Forum (TWf). As a result of this, the guidance note from the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) aims to assist all parties working in construction to understand the key issues. Furthermore, it will also help those specifying, managing, designing and installing hoarding structures. Hoarding design […]

Temporary Works

Over the years, there have been several collapses of temporary works, causing loss of life and serious injury. As a result, the UK government set up an advisory committee on falsework (the Bragg Committee). This committee issued its final report in 1976. The recommendations of the Bragg Committee were embodied in BS 5975: Code of […]