sustainable approach for Macleod Construction

Sustainable Approach to Timber Frame Manufacturing

A sustainable approach to timber frame manufacturing is on the agenda for Macleod Construction’s latest project.

Macleod Construction Ltd has adapted manufacturing methods on its latest build to be as efficient, sustainable and community-focused as possible.

In fact, its latest project – Dunbeg Housing site – will see the company build 300 new homes.

As a result of its new sustainable approach, Macleod has temporary factories at the development site to manufacture some of the timber frame kit components.

In doing so, the company ensures ‘just in time’ production of floors, roofs and associated items. Similarly, it also reduces the traffic impact in the community. Plus, it lowers the development’s overall carbon footprint.

For full details of this initiative, and lots of other examples of best practice, visit the Considerate Constructors Best Practice Hub: