zero-emission steel

SSAB zero-emission steel a world first for construction company Peab

Swedish construction company Peab is gaining praise as the first construction company in the world to use SSAB’s zero-emission steel.

The company has struck a deal with Swedish steelmaker SSAB.

In doing so, it strengthened a commitment between the two companies to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction and real estate sector.

In fact, the sector’s carbon footprint accounts for around 20% of total CO2 emissions in Sweden.

SSAB ZeroTM is made using only recycled steel and fossil-free energy.

Peab plans to use half of its initial 300-tonne delivery for micro piles for foundations. The other half is being used in construction work.

Thomas Hörnfeldt, head of sustainable business at SSAB said: “It’s great that we can now add SSAB Zero as a new product in our zero-emission steel family, as it enables us both to meet customer demand earlier and take another step toward mitigating climate change.”

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