SPECIAL OFFER – The cost of Accidents & In the real world DVDs (Brand, SGB & Hünnebeck)

SPECIAL OFFER – The cost of Accidents & In the real world DVDs (Brand, SGB & Hünnebeck)




Brand, SGB & Hünnebeck

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The Cost of Accidents 24 Language

This award winning film from Brand, SGB & Hünnebeck shows that the safety of ourselves and those around us at work, home or leisure ultimately all depends on the decisions that we make as individuals. The main message is, before we act, STOP AND THINK for a few seconds about the consequences of our decision. Safe behaviour can become a way of life. When it does, we, or families, friends and those around us will be able to work, rest and play in safety. World Gold Medal Winner – New York Film Festival 2007

In the real world

‘In the real world”, an everyday phrase that can have different meanings. In this film decisions are made that can affect safety. These decisions are influenced by real or imagined pressures of the job. The phrase “In the real world” then becomes an excuse for short-cuts, which have a devastating impact on safety. The main messages of the film, the second in a series from Brand, SGB & Hünnebeck, are:

  • Stop and think
  • Resist pressure
  • Avoid shortcuts

The messages are for everyone including chief executives, directors, managers, supervisors, designers, estimators, and all who do the work. If we act responsibly we will make the real world a little safer for us all.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this DVD is donated to the Lighthouse Club.

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