Risk Assessments: Questions and Answers, 2nd Edition

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ISBN : 9780727760760

Author : Pat Perry

Publisher : ICE Publishing

Risk Assessments: Questions and Answers is a practical handbook providing best practice solutions to a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about risk assessments. This book explains and covers approved codes of practice, legal requirements and the latest guidance on a wide range of health and safety topics.

This new edition offers best practice guidance to interpreting the many queries that arise from official legislation by providing practical solutions to a wide range of compliance issues, enabling project managers, health and safety professionals and those responsible for regulatory compliance to comply with the law and apply it successfully to their own businesses.

Risk Assessments: Questions and Answers:

  • uses an accessible and clear question and answer format for easy reference
  • offers a pragmatic, practical approach to complying with the latest legislation
  • contains checklists and templates to aid the reader in their design of risk assessment systems
  • includes a brand new chapter on commercial security and business risks.

Covering the most up to date and significant topics of risk assessment, this book highlights an employer’s key responsibilities, and provides an invaluable easy reference guide for everyday questions.