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Online Environmental Manual







The CIP Construction Environmental Manual is also available as an online service.  Single user or multi-user licences available at .

This essential online service gives you all the information you need, to comply with the latest construction environmental legislation.

The CIP Environmental Manual is the leading sector publication on environmental issues within the construction sector. Providing a concise summary of environmental legislation, policy and best practice from design to construction delivery. Providing members from across the sector with a one stop shop resource for remaining compliant with environmental legislation.

The manual covers 16 core topics ranging from design, procurement, ecology, contaminated land, waste and energy as well as incident management procedures and best practice.

The manual is written by a panel of leading environmental specialists from across the construction sector and is updated regularly, at least twice a year, to ensure that your business remains compliant and stays up to date with relevant Environmental legislation.

Who is it for

The manual is designed to provide advice and guidance to everyone working in the construction sector from clients, consultants to contractors both big and small.
The manual is a great resource for those working on site who are unable to access a computer. As well as being available in printed format the manuals are also available on line across multiple devices.

Why the  Environmental Manual:

  • It is the only industry environmental publication updated twice per annum.
  • The manual is written by experts working in the construction sector who know and understand the environmental issues pertinent to the sector.
  • The environmental manual is available in print or digital version.
  • Updates to the manuals are communicated directly with CIP members in real time ensuring your business remains compliant.
  • The manual provides a range of handy resources such as legislative matrix which can be used to support the organisations approach to environmental management systems and certification to ISO14001:2015.
  • Over 30 tool box talks are included within the manual – helping you to brief your teams on common environmental issues from archaeology, dust and air quality, fuel and oil to energy efficiency.
  • Includes a series of checklist to provide practical advice and guidance on 8 core environmental issues.
  • Includes sample forms allowing CIP member to quickly and easily produce plans, permits, policies and risk assessments .

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