Online Construction Environmental Manual

Online Construction Environmental Manual







The CIP Construction Environmental Manual is also available as an online service.  Single user or multi-user licences available at .

This essential online service gives you all the information you need, to comply with the latest construction environmental legislation.

How can it help me?

  • Outlines the principal applicable legislation
  • Details what must be done in order to comply
  • Describes good practice – both in the planning and construction stages
  • Provides checklists and sources of further information.
  • Full colour illustrations throughout

Who is it for?

Site Managers and Supervisors of main contractors and sub contractors. In particular it should help Project Managers, Site Agents, Site Foremen and Engineers address environmental issues in a practical way.

Who has written it?

Written by Environmental Managers and Advisors who are members of the Construction Confederation Environment Forum and who represent a wide cross section of the UK’s leading construction companies.

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