General fixings – guidance on selection and whole-life management (C777D) – PDF

General fixings – guidance on selection and whole-life management (C777D) – PDF

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Gilbertson, A L



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This publication combines a wealth of technical knowledge about fixings and explores management approaches to the different activities involved.

A risk-based management approach to the subject is explained, to underpin response to the technical and management decisions involved.

Fixings to the most common substrates (steelwork, timber, concrete, masonry) are explored and the factors to be taken into account are discussed. The selection process is also explored.

Background information is then provided about the management topics and the technical issues involved. The role of testing is also examined. Key issues (for all those involved) are identified for easy reference.

Why not download your free copy of Management of safety-critical fixings. Guidance for the management and design of safety-critical fixings (C778F) the sister guide to this publication .

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Date of Publication: March 2019

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