Contaminated sediments: a guide for risk assessment and management (C781)

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ISBN : 9780860177968

Author : I Dennis, S Challinor, C Page, M Walentek

Publisher : CIRIA

Contaminated sediment contains substances derived from natural and anthropogenic sources in concentrations that could potentially affect environmental quality and/or pose a risk to human health and/or ecology. A wide variety of contaminants can be released into the water environment. Once part of this they can become associated with sediment through physical mixing or chemical reactions.

This guide focuses on two main groups of contaminants – inorganic contaminants and organic contaminants. It sets out a conceptual adaptive management framework that leads readers through the process of evaluating and managing contaminated sediment. It uses case studies and a worked example to explain the concepts presented in each section and helps readers make the decisions required to ensure that contaminated sediment risks are effectively managed.