CAT & Genny-Safe Use of Cable Avoidance Tool Training DVD

CAT & Genny-Safe Use of Cable Avoidance Tool Training DVD




Paragon Training


Paragon Training

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Paragon Training’s ‘CAT & Genny – Safe Use of Cable Avoidance Tools.’ includes essential advice on how to safely operate the CAT & Genny along with its accessories. Having a good understanding of the CAT and Genny’s multiple uses and limitations to conduct thorough sweep surveys, including the equipment’s maintenance to provide it’s continued use as a safety tool.

This video has been produced with the input of leading companies and experts who are trainers, users, manufactures or are health and safety officers in this field from all over the UK.

Delivered as a DVD with accompanying Question and Answers quiz it covers 7 chapters, which can be individually selected from the menu or watched sequentially over a total running time of 25 minutes.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Understanding Modes of the CAT
  • Conducting a Sweep Survey Using the CAT
  • Use of the Genny with the CAT
  • Maintenance and Storage
  • Alternatives and Conclusion

At the end of the video a useful list of further reading and references is included.

This video is designed to be an essential accompaniment to any owners, trainers, employers, supervisors and managers of underground service detecting equipment.

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