BIM for Construction Health and Safety

BIM for Construction Health and Safety

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Roland Finch and Stefan Mordue

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  • What is BIM and how does it affect the health and safety professional?
  • How are BIM technologies used on a practical level?
  • What opportunities are there for the use of BIM in the health and safety arena?

This concise and practical guide aims to answer these questions and more. The health and safety role is evolving towards collaboration, structured data and sharing of information as BIM – the incarnation of these sensibilities – increasingly underpins construction practice. As the industry begins to see how these two topics can and should intersect, this guide provides context and practical advice by explaining the basic principles of BIM, how it will shape the health and safety professional’s role, and what tools and processes will need to be embedded in future. It also highlights the wealth of opportunities that BIM provides to improve health and safety standards and effective coordination: the means to exploit the potential of BIM. Contemporary examples of innovative practice on a variety of projects, both large and small, will aid understanding and provide inspiration for all professionals involved in construction health and safety from CDM coordinators and contractors, to clients and architects.

This book is co-published with the APS (Association for Project Safety).

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