Authenticated VAT receipts

Authenticated VAT receipts

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Revised 2016 Authenticated VAT Receipts – Pad of 100 in duplicate – VAT rate 20%

A word of warning -The authenticated receipt procedure must not be confused with self-billing where the person being supplied with goods and services is the person who raises the VAT invoice.)

An authenticated receipt is not a VAT invoice. It is a document that evidences that money has been paid for a VAT able supply made under a contract which provides for staged or interim payments. The procedure allows a subcontractor to authenticate or certify a receipt for payment and removes the requirement to issue a normal VAT invoice. No invoices are raised by either party to the transaction –the authenticated receipt is the document which provides the evidence that goods and services have been provided and paid for.

You must not use the authenticated receipt procedure when you make a supply under a single payment contract. It is only to be used for work covered by contracts which allow staged or interim payments.

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