A Guide to Safer Road Works DVD

A Guide to Safer Road Works DVD




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Road works are a fact of life – some are laid out correctly and safely, some not so correctly and not so safe! The objective of this new training film A Guide to Safer Road Works Ahead is to help all those involved in setting out and managing road works to ensure that they are, and remain, safe for both operatives and the public.

The Department of Transport recently released a revised version of its Code of Practice, the popular ‘red book’, officially titled ‘Safety at Street Works and Road Works’. This revised and updated Code of Practice places particular emphasis on the need for undertaking a robust risk assessment before every job, and also focuses on the needs of vulnerable road users including:

  • Wheelchair user
  • Those with sight and/or hearing impairment
  • Children
  • Cyclists
  • Horse riders

‘A Guide to Safer Road Works’ the latest DVD release from Paragon Training provides both a general introduction to safe road works and also applies this to several typical road works layouts encountered daily on the public highways across the UK. It addresses the essential need for pre-job risk assessment and takes the viewer through the important steps of safely planning and setting out of a road works site, including situations using simple ‘give & take’ control, stop/go board control, traffic light control. It also covers the requirements for mobile and short duration road works.

This new programme is delivered on DVD and is provided with a screen menu giving the viewer access to 16 essential but separate sections. A ‘Play All’ function allows the trainee to view all eight sections sequentially with a total duration of approximately 25 minutes. Sections include:

  • Introduction
  • Planning
  • The Basics
  • Before Going to Site
  • Arriving at Site
  • Before Work Starts
  • The Works Site
  • Setting-up a Works Site
  • During Work
  • Pavement Works
  • Cycle and Horse Routes
  • Site Layouts
  • Trams & Railways
  • Traffic Control
  • Mobile & Short Duration Works
  • Summary

The guidance given is based on and fully compliant with the Department of Transport’s revised and updated Code of Practice.

‘A Guide to Safer Road Works’ is an essential addition to any professional safety training library.

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