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Opportunities for construction companies to get involved in the net zero challenge

Two initiatives aimed at getting construction companies of all sizes involved in climate change net zero challenges have launched.


The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has launched a new industry change programme. Co2nstructZero is a cross-industry approach to drive carbon out of all parts of the construction sector. It covers manufacturing, design, construction and operation of assets.

In November 2020, the government published its 10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. The plan sett out a path to net zero by 2050.

CO2nstructZero is the construction sector’s response. It builds on the government’s commitments through the lens of the construction sector, setting out how it can meet the net zero challenge. In fact, there is an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to get involved over the course of the programme.

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Contractors Declare

The Declare movements have swept the globe. They set out commitments from organisations and public bodies to take action on the climate and biodiversity emergencies.

The UK contractors’ Declare brings the UK construction industry together to commit to 11 key actions.

Businesses of any size can commit and join a group of like-minded organisations to share ideas, challenges, and progress.

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