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Environmental permits and works to main rivers or sea defences

13 September 2016

Environmental permits and works to main rivers or sea defences

06 June 2016

Removing hazardous waste from Construction

When removing hazardous waste from a construction site or premises, a hazardous waste consignment note must be prepared. On 1st April 2016, in England the consignment note and the way it is completed, changed. This is to accommodate the removal of the need to register premises where hazardous waste is produced and hence the Premises code. } read on

28 May 2014

Does B.O. really stink?

Biodiversity Offsetting may be controversial, but we can all do our bit to improve the environment and natural habitats. Biodiversity Offsetting has hit the headlines recently as part of the UK Government’s plan to encourage development, tackle the housing crisis and generally give the economy a sharp kick up the backside. Some have welcomed this as a practical way of speeding up development by providing a market based solution to allow developments to be built and protect the environment at the same time. In simple terms, this means if you have to destroy habitats or transform ecologically valuable land in one place, it’s acceptable provided you compensate by creating it elsewhere. } read on