New sections on Building Safety in the latest update to the Construction Health and Safety Manual

The latest update to the Construction Health and Safety Manual and CIP Knowledge includes a brand new section: Building Safety.

Within Building Safety there are two sections – Building Safety Act and Supports and Fixings.

Building Safety Act

With new regulations and guidance out every month, the Building Safety Act section aims to keep you up to date with the latest guidance.

The Building Safety Regulator is working towards implementing the next phase of the new regime as planned from 1 October.

So, the Manual will continue to update this section as further information becomes available.

Support and fixings

Supports and fixings are critically important. However, they are often an overlooked element of building design and installation.

They are often considered as commodity items where procurement decisions are made solely on price. Or, worse still, changed on site without any knowledge of the implications.

In addition, they are often installed by individuals without the requisite competence or the correct tools.

Selection/specification and correct installation of the correct fixings into the appropriate element or substrate is fundamental for all permanent and temporary works to achieve the required integrity, strength, stability, and service life.

The guidance in this section identifies elements of good practice which should be covered in supplier and installer specifications/drawings, RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statements) and Inspection and Test Plans.

Additional updates

In addition to these two new sections the latest update also includes:

  • Updates to the Register of Legislation
  • New guidance on use of Lithium Ion Batteries in E13 – Electricity
  • New and revised guidance on Forward Tipping Dumper and Dump Trucks in D5-Mobile Plant and Work Equipment
  • An update to Lorry Loaders, MEWP and the revised Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Notification Procedure for Cranes in E12- Lifting Equipment
  • Revised Build UK Helmet Colour Standards in E17 – PPE

Amendment packs are available to purchase from CIP – please contact for details.