reclaimed steel

New model specification for the purchase of reclaimed steel sections from BCSA

Rising steelwork prices and environmental benefits of recycling are driving a rise in reclaimed structural steel.

The British Constructional Steelwork Association has released a new model specification for steel suppliers placing reclaimed steel on the market.

It applies to the contract between the stockholder and the purchasing steelwork contractor.

The specification aims to support the reuse of steel and give confidence that steel sections meet performance requirements.

The BCSA said while business models for the reclamation and reuse of structural steel were still evolving, the environmental and potential cost benefits were compelling.

Therefore, the market will define the most efficient models going forward.

“The supply chain will need to adapt to these new procurement models. Steel reuse is an important demand-side reduction measure under the circular economy strategy within the BCSA 2050 decarbonisation roadmap published last year.”

New model specification for the purchase of reclaimed steel sections.