New guidance for offsite construction

CIRIA and have released new guidance on Offsite construction – concept design and delivery.

offsite construction

This free guide aims to help clients and their advisors understand the benefits of modern methods of construction (MMC).

In particular, it will be useful for those using offsite methods in projects and programmes across their asset portfolios.

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The guide considers a range of subjects are from a strategic perspective.

Plus, it also provides many practical tips, guidance and case studies.

It is designed to be complimentary to existing industry guidance and both national and international standards.

Infrastructure and the building aspects of construction, which may benefit from the advantages of offsite solutions, are discussed, including insights into the different categories of MMC.

In fact, more clients require the delivery of digital twins for their facilities.

So, this guide explains how inter-operable digital twins may add value and how offsite solutions can help.