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New book from CIRIA – Sustainable management of surplus soil and aggregates from construction (C809)

A new book is now available from CIRIA on sustainable management of surplus soil and aggregates from construction (C809).

surplus soil

The ‘designing out’ and management of surplus soils and aggregates arising on, and from, construction and development projects can be complex.

It’s an integral – but often overlooked – part of many projects, regardless of scale.

The ever-evolving regulatory landscape is often difficult to navigate.

However, lack of knowledge is not an acceptable defence.

CIRIA recognises these difficulties.

Therefore, this guide seeks to bring together and summarise existing information in a clear and accessible format to improve understanding across all UK development sectors.

This guide aims to help those who need to understand how to manage surplus soils.

In particular, it will help developers, contractors, and consultants.

Additionally, it will be valuable for those with strategic project level or site responsibility. It will ensure that projects are designed with materials and waste management in mind from the start.

The book is available for £160. Buy it now.