construction waste dumped on land owned by John Bray in Wales

National Resources Wales secures £8,700 fine against man for allowing waste to be ‘dumped’

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) secured an £8,700 fine against a man for allowing construction waste to be dumped on his land.

According to a statement from NRW, John Bray from Ceredigion had to pay a fine of £8,700 after pleading guilty.

He accepted responsibility for the disposal of construction and demolition waste on his land at Wemyss Mine near Trisant.

The waste, which amounted to 3,122 tonnes, also included “other types of environmentally sensitive” waste.

In fact, Mr Bray “did have a registered waste exemption which allowed him to deposit suitable waste to be used in a construction activity.”

However, “no construction was taking place”, according to NRW.

Instead, Mr Bray accepted waste material from others for disposal on his land.

NRW also stated Mr Bray received payment for the waste disposal.

Jeremy Goddard, NRW’s waste and enforcement team leader in Mid Wales said: “Landowners must not accept waste from others without the correct permissions being in place. They can only undertake the activities authorised by a relevant environmental permit or exemption from permitting.

“We take reports of illegally dumping waste very seriously as it has damaging effect on the local environment and undercuts legitimate operators who abide by the rules. We will not hesitate to investigate reports of illegal waste management, and to take appropriate enforcement action, including prosecution.”