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Multiplex leads call for just transition to net-zero

After publishing new climate targets through to 2030 earlier this year, Multiplex has this week published a new social equity strategy which it claims will ensure “no one is left behind in the race to net-zero”.

Targets for 2022 include implementing flexible working policies at all project sites and ensuring that half of new graduate hires are women.

Then, by 2025, Multiplex has pledged to:

  • Develop five new green job skills training routes
  • Pay all first-tier suppliers the Real Living Wage or more
  • Ensure one-third of company spend goes to SMEs.

There are also commitments to end employee exposure to diesel emissions. Plus, the company plans to offer 50 work placements to people from disadvantaged backgrounds. There are also new targets for 2030. By this point, all key materials will have their supply chain screened for human rights risks, for example.

Multiplex said in a statement that while the sector represents 8.5% of the UK workforce, there are several systemic vulnerabilities that “prevail” and need to be properly addressed. These include pressures on physical and mental health, ESG risks across the supply chain and a structural lack of diversity.

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