A fleet of electric vans to demonstrate Mitie's plans to fully electrify its fleet of vehicles

Mitie turns 50% of fleet electric

Mitie says 50% of its fleet now consists of electric vehicles (EVs).

In fact, this is the latest stage of the company’s plans to fully electrify its fleet by the end of 2025.

Mitie’s latest roll-out introduced a fleet of vehicles for use by its Technical Services mobile engineers.

The facilities management giant now operates more than 3,500 EV vehicles across its business.

Back in 2019, the company pledged to electrify at least one-fifth of its 3,500-vehicle portfolio by 2020.

This was part of its overall goal of achieving complete fleet electrification by 2025.

Mitie’s group fleet manager, Heidi Thompsonm said: “Reaching the halfway stage in our roadmap to achieve a zero-emission fleet is an important milestone which underscores our commitment to our Plan Zero pledge, and our goal of fully electrifying our vehicles by the end of 2025.”

Last month, Mitie deployed 60 EVs across some of its major contracts including Magnox.

Here, EVs are in use by engineers who conduct essential maintenance services to critical nuclear infrastructure.

Mitie is a member of the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative, committing to share best practice with other corporates to spur a wider uptake of EVs.

Critically, the lack of infrastructure is a key challenge for most EV100 members.

To support the rapid growth of its EV fleet, Mitie has installed 2,800 EV charging stations across customer sites and colleagues’ homes.

The milestone is a big leap forward in Mitie’s wider Plan Zero pledge, which sets out a three-pillar decarbonisation plan to reach net-zero across its operations by 2025, centered around power and transport; waste; and the energy efficiency of buildings.

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