lane closure airbags

Kier trials highways lane closure airbags

Kier is trialling inflatable lane closure airbags that can be put up in a matter of minutes to help protect road workers.

The contractor is trialling the new inflatable barriers in Coventry. As a result, they hope to lessen the number of drivers who accidentally drive into roadworks areas. In doing so, they aim to reduce accident rates and keep drivers and workers safer.

Kier teams will place inflatable barriers alongside cones and signs. Therefore, they will further enhance traditional traffic management measures to positively impact drivers’ behaviour and avoid accidents.

The lane closure airbags are eye-catching, in bright primary colours. So, drivers can easily spot them from a distance.

Quick and easy to put up, workers can inflate the airbags in less than ten minutes.

According to Highways England, road workers report almost 300 vehicle incursions every week. Therefore, they are confident the inflatable lane closure barriers will help reduce the number of accidents.

Initially, contractor Kier will trial the inflatable barriers initially on a slip road in Coventry during roadworks set to take place this month.