safety first: new HSE health and safety statistics have been release

HSE releases annual health and safety statistics for 2022 to 2023

In November HSE released the latest annual health and safety statistics for Great Britain.

To summarise, the annual report found that across all industries, 1.8 million working people are suffering from work-related ill health and 135 workers died in work-related accidents during this time period.

In total, employers lost 35.2 million working days due to work-related illness and workplace injury.

The health and safety statistics also revealed that in construction alone there were 45 fatal injuries to workers in 2022/23.

In fact, this is in comparison with the annual average number of 37 fatalities for 2018/19-2022/23. The fatal injury rate in Construction is 1.72 per 100,000 workers, this is around 4.2 times the all industry rate

In construction there were an estimated 69,000 workers suffering from work-related ill health (new or long-standing). From this, 54% were musculoskeletal disorders.

Additionally, an estimated 16,000 workers are suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or long-standing). This means mental health makes up 24% of all ill health in this sector.

HSE’s statistics website provides detailed commentary on these figures and is supported by:

More information can be found in the press release, which includes comments from Sarah Albon, HSE Chief Executive.