building safety

HSE launches first phase of building safety campaign and new website

HSE has launched the first phase of a new building safety campaign, as well as a brand new campaign website.

The campaign aims to help and encourage everyone experiencing the impact of changes to building safety law to:

  • Be ready – understand what is coming and how to prepare
  • Step up – take ownership and manage risks
  • Act now – comply with the new law.

The campaign’s first focus is on being ready for high-rise building registration. This is the first operational function of the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) to come into force under the Building Safety Act 2022.

high rise building registration

The registration process is a crucial stage in setting up the new building safety regime. It will be a legal requirement to register buildings in scope will be a legal requirement.

Registration will open in April, and the HSE are encouraging people who own or manage high-rise residential buildings to be ready and prepare now: