Construction Contractual Handbook

The Construction Contractual Handbook – A vital tool for all contractors

The Construction Contractual Handbook is a vital tool for all contractors.

Tight deadlines to meet, budgets to stick to and workers to manage. Certainly, there’s enough for construction site managers to worry about, without taking into consideration contracts, insurance policies and payment issues. 

The BCSA published Construction Contractual Handbook helps contractors and site managers by highlighting key information relating to construction contracts, insurance policies and more. 

This detailed publication from the national organisation for the steel construction industry is an essential tool for all contractors. From start to finish it provides in-depth advice and guidance on the formation of a contract, the different types of contracts and explanations on the different Standard Forms of Contract including the JCT, NEC and DOMs all in one place. 

You can find useful checklists throughout the publication providing details on when to issue certain certificates and other key milestones.

From time to time disputes happen, luckily the handbook helps outline the correct procedures to follow during a dispute or claim. Advice on payment issues and insolvency issues is also available within the handbook. 

There are specific chapters for Scottish and Irish laws for those working across the border. 

Originally written for steelwork contractors, the publication contains transferable information useful for multiple trades and contractors. With tons of information available, the Construction Contractual Handbook is vital for site managers and contractors. It’s a small investment that could save thousands of pounds further down the line.