Go Smart skills card

Go Smart skills card checking to end soon

Leaders of the CSCS skills card scheme are urging the industry to prepare for the withdrawal of the Go Smart verification service.

For over 10 years employers have used the checking platform to verify the skills, training and competence of CSCS card holders.

Go Smart to be withdrawn March 2024

In 2023, CSCS announced Go Smart will be withdrawn on March 31st 2024.

It urged the industry to put transition plans in place to move to its replacement CSCS Smart Check as soon as possible.

CSCS Smart Check can be built into existing systems or used as a standalone app.

It represents a major step forward in building quality and safety.

For the first time, all 2.1 million cards displaying the CSCS logo can be verified using a single interface.

Following its successful development and rollout, Go Smart will no longer be available to industry from April 1st 2024.

What happens from April 1st 2024?

From this date, attempted CSCS card reads via the platform will not work. All existing users who wish to retain a card checking function as part of site induction and site access solutions must put transition plans in place to move across to CSCS Smart Check to ensure card checks can continue to take place.

In the first instance, employers should contact the IT provider responsible for their entry system technology to discuss a transition plan to CSCS Smart Check. These providers will then be able to access the API via CSCS and build it into site systems.

“Card checks are vital”

CSCS Chief Executive, Sean Kearns, said: “Now that CSCS Smart Check has been established it is imperative that employers discuss the removal of Go Smart with their IT providers and continue to check cards digitally from April onwards. Card checks via CSCS Smart Check are vital in ensuring that everyone entering a construction site has the right qualifications and training for the job they do – helping ensure safety on site and also enabling the industry to tackle card fraud.”

About CSCS Smart Check

CSCS Smart Check was launched in April 2022 by the CSCS Alliance – the 38 card schemes that carry the CSCS logo.

It was designed to improve the construction industry’s card checking procedures and site safety while helping tackle card fraud.

In addition to being available as an API for existing systems, CSCS Smart Check can also be used as a standalone app and is free to download via the App Store or Google Play.

Sites without Go Smart or any other card checking technology in place who are interested in integrating or using CSCS Smart Check should contact communications@cscs.co.uk

For further information on CSCS Smart Check, visit: CSCS.uk.com/SmartCheck