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Fire prevention on site

The fire on a major construction site in Reading last week is a reminder of the importance of fire prevention, response plans and evacuation measures on projects of all sizes.

fire prevention on construction sites

The Joint Code of Practice for Fire Prevention on Construction Sites is endorsed by Build UK and other Trade Federations.

It’s available from CIP in hard copy and a free download

The code of practice applies to all activities during design, procurement and construction.

It aims to to help project leaders design out fire risks and implement safe working practices on site.

The document last underwent updates earlier this year to reflect changes in standards, practice and the use of modern construction methods and materials.

The HSE’s guidance on Fire Safety in Construction also explains how everyone involved in projects can comply with their legal duties relating to fire risks, including carrying out a fire risk assessment and ensuring evacuation plans are in place. 

The HSE has begun an investigation into the cause of the recent fire.