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Dust kills: HSE respiratory health site inspection initiative

Every week, workers in the construction industry develop serious lung diseases as a result of dust exposure that can have a devastating impact on them and their families.

During June, HSE will be carrying out a health inspection initiative focusing on the respiratory risks to construction workers from exposure to dust.

Running from Monday 6 June to Friday 1 July 2022, the inspection initiative aims to support the industry by raising awareness of health issues in relation to dust exposure to improve the long-term health of those working in construction.

Employers: Regardless of the size of your business, you have a legal responsibility to protect workers’ health.

Plan jobs to eliminate the risks where you can. Otherwise, use measures to control dust and minimise the risk.

Construction workers: Don’t gamble with your future health by taking unnecessary risks today.

Talk to your employer about the risks from dust and how to avoid them.

Dust can kill.

The HSE has advice for employers, workers and small builders on how to stay safe.