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Designers: prepare for regulatory changes to building safety, says HSE

Do you design high-rise buildings? If so, the HSE is advising you to start preparing now for potential changes under the Building Safety Bill.

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The reforms include a stricer approach to the design and build of high-rise buildings.

It also details clearer responsibilities on designers to make sure buildings are safe.

Plus, it features new measures to ensure designers are competent to carry out work in line with building regulations.

Colin Blatchford, Operational Policy Lead for Gateways and Building Control at HSE, said: “Everyone involved in the design of high-rise buildings must take a proactive approach to managing building safety from the earliest stages of the design process. These changes are coming.

“Those involved need to plan ahead through correctly identifying, taking ownership and managing the risks – ensuring key decisions are recorded throughout the process”.

Peter Baker, Chief Inspector of Buildings at the Health and Safety Executive, said: “Designers have a strong influence on safety and standards, particularly during the very early planning and design stages of a building project.

“Their decisions not only affect the safety of those carrying out the building work, but also those maintaining, using, or living in a building after it is built. I encourage designers to act now and prepare for the more stringent regulatory regime”

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