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Cladding safety contractors told to wear body cameras

Insurance giant AXA UK is providing body cameras to contractors to record essential safety work to buildings containing flammable cladding and insulation.

AXA said the recordings “will provide detailed information about materials used, together with evidence of working practices and site management for the areas being refurbished.”

“More resilient”

AXA said some of its customers’ properties require remediation to make them safer and more resilient to fire. This comes in the wake of the Grenfell disaster.

Dougie Barnett, AXA Commercial’s Director of Customer Risk Management said:  “We decided to use this cutting-edge technology to record evidence of the remediation work and securely store it in the cloud for reference.

“Our Business Resilience Team has been capturing videos of commercial risks in this way for the past three years for underwriters to review, so it made sense to extend this practice to these building remediations.

“It means underwriters can clearly see what’s been done when they assess risk and provide a quote with confidence, both now and in the future.

“We are funding this initiative to protect our customers and ensure the work is carried out to the required standard using the correct materials.

“We’ll also have evidence of how protection systems such as sprinklers and alarms are installed, with this weekly video capture supplementing our regular visits to individual sites.

“When the work is completed, it should result in the remediated buildings being an improved risk, which will have a positive impact on policy premiums, so it’s important for everyone involved in the process to have a clear view of what’s happening.

About the body cameras

AXA UK will use Motorola Solutions VT100 body cameras when responding to incidents.

Contractors will have the option to live stream the videos so they can liaise directly with AXA risk engineers.

Story Source: Cladding safety contractors told to wear body cameras | Construction Enquirer News.