December manual

CIP updates Environmental Manual

The December 2022 amendments to the CIP Environmental Manual are now available in all three formats. The latest update includes:

  • Guidance on the requirement for mitigation of nutrient (nitrates and phosphates) discharge to the water environment from development projects in certain areas.
  • A note on the use of DNA testing when conducting survey work for the presence of certain protected species.
  • A description of the District Level Licensing scheme in relation to the surveying for and mitigation of the presence of great crested newts during development work.
  • The addition of further information on Clean Air Zones (CAZ). Plus, a new appendix listing those towns and cities in which a CAZ is in force or is under proposal.
  • The arrangements for the prevention of pollution arising from fire water is added to Appendix 10 Fire Prevention Plans of the Waste Section.
  • The addition of a note regarding the general exemption of commercial activity from a ‘hosepipe ban’. Plus, a section on dealing with pollution risk from fire water runoff in the water section.
  • A description of the changes due to be made to the ESOS.

The CIP Environmental Manual is the leading sector publication on environmental issues within the construction sector. It provides a concise summary of environmental legislation, policy, and best practice from design to construction delivery. The manual offers companies from across the sector a one-stop shop resource for remaining compliant with environmental legislation.

The manual covers 16 core topics ranging from design, procurement, ecology, contaminated land, waste and energy as well as incident management procedures and best practice, and social value.

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