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CIP Updates Construction Environmental Manual

Construction Industry Publications (CIP) continues its work with Build UK to ensure the Construction Environmental manual includes industry recognised health, safety and environmental policies and standards.

To this end, CIP works with Build UK Contractor Members, including Wilmott Dixon, Kier, Mace and Wates.

This integrated approach aims to improve the knowledge and practices of those on site. Plus, it does this without duplicating information or publishing conflicting advice.

What does the latest update include?

  • The ‘climate action changes’ of the ISO management standards are described.
  • Statutory, Non-statutory and other guidance and standards are updated with guidance applicable to England, Wales and Scotland now separately identified.
  • The requirement in England for a 10% gain in biodiversity value (BNG) due to development is detailed.
  • Standards for reduction of embodied carbon in future public buildings in Wales and Scotland are described. Information on wood packaging and biosecurity is updated. Information on sustainability schemes for aluminium and concrete is added, and additions are made to the good practice applicable to recycled aggregates and to subsoil retention. 
  • Reference is made to the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) standard. The section on air quality is updated and information on the requirements for construction work in London is expanded. The Information on Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) is revised and the Appendix listing those towns and cities in which a CAZ exists or is anticipated is updated.
  • The legal requirement for separate collection of recyclable waste streams in Wales is described together with the current requirements in England and Scotland. The separate requirements in England and Scotland for the transfer of wood waste are identified.
  • A section on Climate Change Adaptation is added.

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