health and safety manual updates

CIP H&S Manual Latest Updates

The CIP H&S Manual has just been updated. The latest update to the CIP Construction Health and Safety Manual includes the following additions:

  • Site logistics and planning – a new section on the use of mobile devices on site; new guidance on the role of the plant/vehicle marshals on site; an update to the CLOCs reference documents; and a new appendix containing all COVID-19 related information
  • New legislation in the Register of Legislation to prepare for BREXIT
  • Asbestos – a new table summarising differences between licensed work, non-licensed work and notifiable non-licensed work, as well as a new table on medicals, and a general update throughout
  • Mental wellbeing – a new section on the organisational considerations when looking to build employees’ resilience to prevent and better manage mental ill-health
  • Work at height – new guidance in protection of voids on the provision of access hatches
  • Excavation – a new section on basement construction
  • Welding and cutting – a general update
  • Overhead and underground services – the inclusion of a new section on the use of technology to assist when working in the proximity of overhead lines
  • Specialist/specific processes, risks and components – a new section on the manual handling of plasterboard.

The updates are all line on CIP Knowledge – the online Construction Health and Safety Manual.