CIP updates June 2021

CIP Environmental Manual Updates – June 2021

The CIP Environmental Manual amendment packs have been sent out to all subscribers.

The latest update to the CIP Construction Environmental Manual includes the following:

  • General updating throughout consequent upon the end of the Transition Period following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
  • A description of BS EN ISO 14005 that replaces the withdrawn BS 8555.
  • The hierarchy of legislation applicable in the UK is updated following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and the appendices listing the various regulators’ contact addresses have been updated.
  • A new appendix in the Register of Legislation has been included, listing Environmental Protection (EU Exit) legislation that came into force on the UK’s exit from the EU enabling retained EU legislation to operate in the UK. This appendix is included for information and completeness only and will be withdrawn from the manual within 12 months as this (EU Exit) legislation does not, generally, materially affect the requirements and processes applicable in the UK.
  • A new section is included on the selection of low-carbon materials.
  • The UKGBC’s recently released Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A framework definition is described as well as the section on the regulation of and processes for timber supply (UKTR and FLEGT) within the UK is revised following the withdrawal from the EU.
  • The waste section is updated to take account of the regulator’s latest guidance, in England, on certain waste exemptions from permitting and its withdrawal and issue of certain Position Statements.
  • In the Climate Change section, a new paragraph on F-Gases is included, along with descriptions of the UKBBC’s Advancing Net Zero programme, the CLC’s Co2nstruct to zero programme, and the UK Contractors’ Declare initiative.

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