CIP environmental manual

CIP Environmental Manual Updates – December 2020

The CIP Environmental Manual amendment packs have been sent out to all subscribers.  The latest update to the CIP Construction Environmental Manual includes the following:

A separate page identifying some of the temporary arrangements made in environmental regulation as a result of the current (COVID –19) pandemic. Additionally, the pack also features information on the impact the pandemic is having on construction and where to go to get the most up-to-date advice.

Not only are the temporary arrangements subject to change, but they are also time-limited. So, you should always consult the websites/information for a current position.

  • Section 2 The Legislative Process – reference is made to the forthcoming Environment Bill, following the UK’s departure from the EU.
  • Section 3 Register of Legislation – lists the legislation that transposes the amended EU Waste Directives (the Circular Economy Package) into UK law.
  • Section 4 Design – enlarged subsection on the Circular Economy and its influence on design, following the making of the relevant Regulations (see Section 3).
  • Section 8 Contaminated Land – additional information on risk assessments and on remediation treatments, together with general amendments throughout. Also features a new site investigation checklist.
  • Section 10 Nuisance – consolidated subsection on air pollution and updated guidance on the requirements for NRMM to operate within London
  • Section 11 Waste – various amendments following the transposition of the amended EU Waste Directives into UK law as the Circular Economy Package.
  • Section 18 Social Value – a new section describes the concept of social value and its delivery through construction projects, measurement and reporting of its benefit.