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CIP Environmental Manual Updates – December 2020

The CIP Environmental Manual amendment packs have been sent out to all subscribers. The latest update to the CIP Construction Environmental Manual includes the following:

A separate page is included identifying some of the temporary arrangements made in environmental regulation as a result of the current (COVID –19) pandemic, as well as information on the impact the pandemic has had on Construction and where to go to get the most up-to-date advice.

The temporary arrangements are not only subject to change but are also time limited and the websites/information should always be consulted for a current position.

  • Section 2 The Legislative Process – Reference is made to the forthcoming Environment Bill introduced consequent upon the UK’s departure from the EU.
  • Section 3 Register of Legislation – The legislation is listed that transposes the amended EU Waste Directives (the Circular Economy Package) into UK law.
  • Section 4 Design – The subsection on the Circular Economy and its influence on design has been enlarged following the making of the relevant Regulations (see Section 3).
  • Section 8 Contaminated Land – Additional information provided on risk assessments and on remediation treatments together with general amendments throughout. A Site Investigation Checklist has been added.
  • Section 10 Nuisance – The subsection on air pollution has been consolidated and the guidance on the requirements for NRMM to operate within London has been updated.
  • Section 11 Waste – Various amendments have been made consequent upon the transposition of the amended EU Waste Directives into UK law as the Circular Economy Package.
  • Section 18 Social Value – A new section has been added describing the concept of Social Value, its delivery through construction projects, measurement and reporting of its benefit.