environmental manual

CIP Environmental Manual Update

Your CIP Construction Environmental Manual has been updated.

In fact, we’ve checked and updated references to – and listings of – all external guidance documents and British Standards throughout all sections of the manual.

Plus, we’ve also checked and amended or updated, where necessary, all hyperlinks and cross-references.

More detailed updates feature in the following sections:

  • Updated Register of Legislation – The Environment Act 2021 (EA2021) received Royal Assent on 09 November 2021. Therefore, details feature in the new version
  • In the Design Section these proposals, expected to come into force in 2023, are described. Part 6 of EA2021 requires a 10% Biodiversity Net Gain to be a condition of Planning Permission granted for any development in England & Wales
  • The Nuisance Section includes the latest details of the vehicle charging zones in Central and Greater London
  • The Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap for the UK built environment, launched at COP26, is now referenced in Energy, Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
  • In the Water Section, Planning for Construction and other sections have been updated
  • Full details of the new GRI Universal Standards (available for use now and mandatory for reporting by users from 2023)

The updates are all live on CIP Knowledge, the online Construction Health and Safety and Environmental Manual.