CIJC Employers Statement – The State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II takes place on Monday 19th September 2022.

That day is the last day of the period of national mourning and has been declared a bank holiday.

The sad event leading to next Monday’s bank holiday could not be anticipated and was not provided for in the CIJC Working Rule Agreement, Holiday Entitlement 2022.

Guidance on how employers may choose to approach time off and payment for this additional bank holiday has been issued by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, (see

The information includes the statement that ‘There is no statutory entitlement for time off for bank holidays’ and ‘We also expect employers to respond sensitively to requests from workers who wish to take the day of the funeral off work’.

In practice, with the short notice of the bank holiday, its affect, and the great variety of operational work/numerous work locations planned for next Monday, there will be operatives required to work and others not required to work.

Consequently, taking all relevant factors that apply into account, it will be for each business/employer to determine how they will view the day, and whether time off, paid or unpaid, will be given.