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Charging ahead: Six top tips for adding electric vehicles to your fleet

Fleets accounted for the majority of electric vehicles (EVs) sold in Britain last year.

In an online masterclass, Edie shared top tips from experts at PHS Group and First Bus for those companies interested in joining the EV fleet revolution.

Fleets make up three in four EV registrations

EV adoption in business fleets is accelerating.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) confirmed late last year that three in four EV registrations are now attributable to fleets rather than to individual motorists.

Clearly, organisations of various sizes and sectors are looking to decarbonise and reduce air pollution.

But this does not mean that EV adoption is without its challenges.

Online masterclass on adding electric vehicles to your fleet

To help answer those pressing questions surrounding EV adoption, edie partnered with PHS Group to host an online masterclass on the topic.

This 45-minute event, first broadcast in January 2024, is now available to watch on-demand.

It includes presentations of real-world case-studies on EV integration on fleets operating across the UK. Vehicles ranging from cars to vans to buses were covered.

There was also a Q&A session, in which expert speakers from PHS Group and First Bus imparted their insightful answers to common questions and concerns.

Six top tips for an efficient EV fleet

Here are six of the key tips from the event for those looking to develop and implement leading electrification strategies with multiple business benefits.

  1. Build a strong business case full of win-wins
  2. Choose your vehicles wisely
  3. Make data-driven decisions on charging and operating vehicles
  4. Don’t neglect staff engagement
  5. Consider cross-function collaboration within your business
  6. External partnerships can help to unblock bottlenecks.

To watch the full event on-demand click here.