sustainable approach for Macleod Construction

Sustainable Approach to Timber Frame Manufacturing

A sustainable approach to timber frame manufacturing is on the agenda for Macleod Construction’s latest project. Macleod Construction Ltd has adapted manufacturing methods on its latest build to be as efficient, sustainable and community-focused as possible. In fact, its latest project – Dunbeg Housing site – will see the company build 300 new homes. As […]

Ten-Point Plan

Ten Point Plan for net-zero transition unveiled by Prime Minister

A Ten Point Plan to reduce emissions was released this week by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Key pillars of the plan include clean hydrogen, carbon capture and storage (CCS), zero-carbon transport and offshore wind. The plan, which aims to push the UK towards net-zero emissions, sees a £12 billion government investment. Furthermore, it will create […]

Net Zero Business Champion Andrew Griffith MP

Net zero emissions: UK appoints business champion

Net zero emissions continue to be a priority. As such, the government has appointed Andrew Griffith MP as the UK’s Net Zero Business Champion. The new role will see Mr Griffith MP support the country’s businesses to make tangible plans to reach net-zero status by 2050, or earlier. The UK government has pledged to “build back […]

environment bill resumes

Environment Bill resumes passage through Parliament

As the Environment Bill resumes its passage through Parliament, we revisit the landmark legislation and what it entails. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there was a pause in discussions over the government’s landmark legislation. However, the government is now resuming talks over the bill. The Environment Bill is set to transform the environment. […]

pay position 2020/2021 CIJC

Pay position 2020/21 update – CIJC

Earlier this year, employers’ representatives on the Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC) met to discuss pay negotiations for 2020/2021. There, the representatives agreed not to engage in any pay negotiations for 2020/21. This decision was due to the commercial impact of COVID-19 on the sector. Additionally, it took into account the economic uncertainty the pandemic […]

New TWf guidance on the effective management of scaffolding

The Temporary Works Forum (TWf) has published guidance on the “Effective management of scaffolding to BS 5975: 2019”. Document: TWf2020: 01, September 2020 offers advice on temporary works management procedures. Additionally, it highlights the need for all of those involved to understand the roles, responsibilities and procedures in the effective management of scaffolding. In fact, it […]

Revised guidance on hoardings from the TWf

Revised guidance on hoardings is now available via The Temporary Works Forum (TWf). As a result of this, the guidance note from the Temporary Works Forum (TWf) aims to assist all parties working in construction to understand the key issues. Furthermore, it will also help those specifying, managing, designing and installing hoarding structures. Hoarding design […]

new guidance on face coverings in construction

New guidance on the use of face coverings in construction

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has announced new guidance on face coverings on construction sites to ensure safety for all. The Use of Face Coverings in Construction during Coronavirus (COVID‐19) now recommends that face coverings are worn where workers on site are not required to wear Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). It also states workers must […]