Breakthrough report focuses on construction packaging sustainability

Breakthrough report redefines built environment packaging

The Supply Chain Sustainability School released a breakthrough report focused on “Packaging Optimisation in the Housebuilding Sector” in September 2023.

This comprehensive report addresses a critical issue in the built environment – packaging waste – and provides practical solutions for reducing its impact on both cost and carbon. 

Packaging waste is a significant challenge within the built environment industry. In fact, it contributes to both economic and environmental concerns.

Therefore, this report addresses these critical challenges.

Whilst focusing on the housebuilding sector, known for its substantial packaging demands, its insights extend beyond and are relevant for wider construction, facilities management, infrastructure, and more.  

Ten School Partners collaborated to co-fund this project, with a total of over 30 organisations joining forces to make this report possible.

It encompasses real-world, actionable examples of packaging optimisation, including source elimination, reuse strategies, and optimal recycling conditions. It covers various packaging types, offering a comprehensive guide to implementing effective change. 

Importantly, the report sheds light on the policy challenges that organisations dealing with significant packaging volumes are likely to encounter. It addresses key concerns such as the Plastic Packaging Tax and Extended Producer Responsibility, providing essential insights for navigating regulatory landscapes. 

Key highlights of the breakthrough report: 

  • Real-world examples of successful packaging optimisation strategies 
  • Insights into source elimination, reuse, and recycling optimisation 
  • Coverage of major packaging types and their optimisation potential 
  • Examination of common barriers to change and ongoing trials to overcome them 
  • Analysis of policy challenges faced by organisations dealing with substantial packaging volumes 

Packaging remains a substantial cost and environmental burden for businesses.

In fact, the UK construction industry alone generates around 55,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually, with an estimated 35,000 tonnes originating from packaging.

Less than half of this plastic packaging is recycled, reinforcing the urgency of effective solutions. 

To access the full report and contribute to sustainable packaging practices in the housebuilding sector and the broader built environment, read the full report here.