A wrap up of 2019

2019 has been a year of many changes on the environmental agenda. The continued growing awareness of issues ranging from single use plastics, climate change, air quality and the decline of biodiversity has resulted in both Government and businesses making robust commitments to address these challenges. Today and over the next few days, Governments from across the world are meeting at the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 to agree on implementation of the Paris Agreement.  Many of the issues, fuelled by organisations such as Extinction Rebellion, consumers and lobbying groups, means the Environmental agenda is now at the centre not the periphery.

There is increasing recognition that the construction industry has a significant role to play in addressing these issues. Whether it is designing buildings to minimise energy & carbon, sourcing more responsible products, eliminating waste from sites or driving down emissions on sites, every business has a role to play. Some great progress has been made – companies setting bold targets – net zero and beyond for example but there is still more needed from across the sector from clients, designers, contractors, sub-contractors and end users. For me collaboration is the key to unlock and create the change that is needed. The great thing about construction is that when faced with a challenge we all find solutions together.

Here at Construction Industry Publications, collaboration is a key principle of what we do. The Environmental Manual is produced using experts from across the industry who give their time to producing a leading sector publication on environmental issues. Designed for businesses big and small, it contains a summary of environmental legislation, policy and best practice from design through to construction in both digital and hard copy. The manual is updated twice a year to ensure we are providing the latest policy & best practice. In our December update, we have a new section on site set up to ensure when sites are being established decisions are made to reduce the impact on the environment. We have also updated the waste section on the Environment Agency’s Low Risk Waste Position and the nuisance section on new emissions levels for non-road mobile machinery. For more information or to subscribe to the manual please click here

In the spirit of collaboration and also recognising the role we all play in driving the agenda forward we have created new, free insight tools to help support your business in better managing its environmental impacts. In April we launched our Environmental Insights – a free bi monthly newsletter of the latest news and best practice on environment. A resource for all those working in the sector to ensure you have the latest news and views. To subscribe please click here

We have also launched our thought leadership series, written by industry environmental experts they feature a range of views & opinions on key environmental issues ranging from plastics, water quality and biodiversity net gain to name a few.

All these resources are geared to ensuring we create an industry which has a positive impact on the environment. 2020 looks to be another exciting year but one thing is for sure – collaboration across the industry will be the key to addressing the challenges that face us.

Everyone at Construction Industry Publications would like to take this opportunity to wish all our subscribers both new and old a very merry Christmas and a peaceful 2020. We look forward to welcoming new subscribers to all our resources in 2020.