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Health and Safety Manual

Construction Health & Safety Manual

Construction Health & Safety Manual

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ISBN : 9781852630027

Publisher : CIP

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The No 1 best selling Construction Health & Safety Manual - Blue Book.

This accurate, readable, easy to read and hardwearing manual is endorsed by the Health & Safety Executive, and the Department of the Environment have also collaborated on its production. Its text is strictly monitored by an editorial panel of Health & Safety Experts who check its content for accuracy and topicality.

The latest edition includes a completely new section to replace the Hazards to Health section; entitled Occupational Health in Construction, the section has been split in to two distinct areas, Managing Health Issues in Construction and The Control of Hazardous Substances. It is hoped that this new section will enable those working within construction to understand the risk to health arising from construction activities and to give advice on how to eliminate, reduce or mitigate the harm. The Control of Hazardous Substances section sets out to explain the specific regulations that exist with regards to control of use of the multitude of different materials and substances on site, many of which may present a risk to health if they are not used in the correct manner. It aims to explain the necessary precautions needed to ensure that employers and those in control of work make adequate arrangements to reduce the risks to those affected by work

The manual is designed in a loose leaf format so that it can easily be updated as required, and amendments and new sections are normally published twice a year and are available to manual owners who pay a small update subscription. By signing up to our automatic subscription service you will receive each update twice yearly automatically.

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Health & Safety Manual

Construction Health & Safety Manual

Health & Safety Manual

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