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CIP specialise in stocking and publishing a range of health and safety and environmental manuals, DVDs, books and report forms from all of the leading specialist publishers including the HSE, Construction Skills and CIRIA for construction professionals, Architects, Designers, Civil Engineers and Specialist Consultants.. Our Construction Health and Safety Manual is one of the industry’s leading information sources along with it’s sister publication the Environmental Manual. CIP also publish and sell several construction contracts including the popular DOM contracts and the new Scaffolding contract along with the CIJC Working Rule Agreement, and other specialist construction publications

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Scaffolding Contract 2014

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Safety In The Use of Abrasive Wheels DVD - Updated 2014

The use of abrasive wheels has long been recognized as one of the most hazardous operations in the construction, engineering and service industries. Because abrasive wheel machines can be dangerous, most countries have introduced legislation to control the use such machines. In the UK, it’s a legal requirement for employers to provide training to workers who will use these machines.

“Safety In The Use of Abrasive Wheels”, the latest updated DVD video release from Paragon Training addresses the essential aspects of abrasive wheel safety with tips drawn from several typical working situations and includes new and essential advice from the HSE relating to the control of dust from the use of abrasive wheel machines. This newly updated programme provides both a general introduction to safety in the use of abrasive wheels and also includes their use with hand-held angle grinders, petrol-driven cutting-off machines and fixed bench grinders.

This newly updated programme is delivered on DVD video disc and is provided with a screen menu giving the trainee access to ten essential but separate sections covering a wide range of abrasive wheel safety topics. A ‘Play All’ function allows the trainee to view all ten sections sequentially with a total duration of approximately 30 minutes. Sections include:

  •  Introduction
  •  Importance of Proper Training
  •  Abrasive Wheels Characteristics
  •  The Abrasive Wheel Machine
  •  Mounting Abrasive Wheels
  •  Machine Guards
  •  Safe Operation of Abrasive Wheels
  •  Control of Dust
  •  Personal Protective Equipment
  •  Summary

The guidance given is fully compliant with the latest UK HSE guidance note HSG 17 “Safety in the use of abrasive wheels” and supplementary guidance contained in SR 21 “Dust from abrasive wheels “ and CIS 54 “Dust control on cut-off saws used for stone or concrete cutting“.