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CIP specialise in stocking and publishing a range of health and safety and environmental manuals, DVDs, books and report forms from all of the leading specialist publishers including the HSE, Construction Skills and CIRIA for construction professionals, Architects, Designers, Civil Engineers and Specialist Consultants.. Our Construction Health and Safety Manual is one of the industry’s leading information sources along with it’s sister publication the Environmental Manual. CIP also publish and sell several construction contracts including the popular DOM contracts and the new Scaffolding contract along with the CIJC Working Rule Agreement, and other specialist construction publications

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Health & Safety Manual

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Short Form of Subcontract 2014 Pad of 6 contracts

Short Form of Subcontract 2014 Pad of 6 contracts

This popular short form of Subcontract has been updated and is available in either a pad of 6 or 10 contracts.



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Practical Guide to Using the CDM Regulations 2015: Teamwork not Paperwork

Although the CDM Regulations first came into effect in 1995, there is still widespread misunderstanding regarding how project teams should perform in order to satisfy their legal obligations. Addressing the latest revisions to the CDM Regulations, Practical Guide to Using the CDM Regulations 2015: Teamwork not Paperwork unpicks the common misunderstandings and provides clear examples of how the regulations can be applied to real-life cases.

Practical Guide to Using the CDM Regulations 2015: Teamwork not Paperwork examines the key principles of delivering quality projects, safely and within reasonable financial limits, and how to apply these principles in practice. This succinct guide summarises the key features of the legislation and explains the best practice behaviours that will enable project teams to work more effectively, and at the same time satisfy the requirement of the law.

Reflecting the new CDM 2015 Regulations, this edition:

  • outlines Health and Safety legislation, culminating in the CDM Regulations, and demonstrates a management framework for managing risk with the intention of preventing death, injury and ill health in construction.
  • provides an appreciation of legal requirements and best practice guidance to satisfy legal standards
  • emphasises the importance of structured development of the team, establishing purpose and promoting a collaborative culture
  • includes case studies demonstrating the application of the CDM 2015 Regulations to real-life projects
  • demonstrates the fundamental management principles required to ensure quality service can meet the schedule, the budget and the legal requirements of a project.